Monday, June 9, 2008

How to use this site


Welcome dear class, Please allow me to introduce you to this online class.

By clicking on the the side of the blog archive you will find the particular chapter you would like to take.

You can post your comment with questions and critiques directly to the blog or write through email. I will reply either by writing or video demo.

Thank you very much.

Happy learning!


Haiying yang


Merrie said...

Nihao Yang Laoshi, I did not realize this option existed! I am very happy to say hello to everyone from Bellingham, Washington, USA. I have been learning my numbers and time reference sheets. I listen to your videos many times every day. I look forward to the new week as I am adding a few reference sheets to my days activities. Thank you. Merrie

Merrie said...

Yang Laoshi,

Please indicate the size on this url that you feel is sufficient for practice squares for lessons in characters. I will fidget with this on my own until I hear from you. Thank you.

Merrie said...

Nihao, Yang Laoshi: Your video about the snowflake poem for character practice does not show me which stroke comes in what order. I vaguely remember reading the strokes should be laid out in a particular order. Is this true? ... I will consult my Concise Course of Chinese Calligraphy, by Mr. Jiang.

Merrie said...

It is in the book "Learn to Write Chinese Characters" by Johan Bjorksten. The stroke order "will be explained in later chapters." The author advises to look at the WHOLE character, analyze its structure, turn away, and not look at the model character again until you have written all the strokes." <<< this is a new way of learning for me :O) ... I will try this method for today's practice pages. Thank you.